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 Application ~

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PostSubject: Application ~   Mon Jul 12, 2010 6:06 am

Forum Name: Crystal
In-Game Name: Crystal
What Job you are applying for: Game Master
Why you want the job: want to experience everything , like what the GM'S is handling, how they suffer on how to manage the player , how to organize everything etc.
What qualifies you to be part of our team: Im a friendly and loving kind of a person <3
Previous experience: i've been playing for about 1yr and 9 months and i've been a trial gm in other server.
How active are you?: Im playing 5-8 hours .. sometimes 20hrs
How long have you join TaxGunZ? Newbie -.-
Do you speak any Languages besides English?: Slighty Japanese , and i can speak TAGALOG ( our country language )
Do you own a version of GTKRadiant?: nope i have instructions but i never try one
Do you own a version of blender?: I know how to use Blender
Do you know how to code basic/advanced html, css etc?: Not much , we still studying about code's ( in school )
Do you know how to decompile and compile a mrs file?: Yes i am
Do you own a version of photoshop?: Cs2 , cs3
Do you Know anything about Database Setup, MYQSL server or Wamp: Yes
Do you know how to Edit XML files? : Some
Do you know how to work whith Hex Workshop? : yes i know it already ..
Do you have nVidia DDS plug-ins ? : Yes i have.
Show some work of you being a previous developer in blender/gtk radiant:
---------------( I never become a Developer ) -----------

E-mail address: or
Full name: Jayrome Cestina ( or simply Jhy Cestina )
Age: 15
Have you got proof for previous experience?: ( nope im just a player -.- )
Why do you think we should pick you?: [color=#40BFFF]I want to make this SERVER be the NUMBER 1 and Im strict in rules and laws
What would you do in this situation?:

Q : How can u prevent Spamming? :
A : Warning's cant stop them so i think i should give them 1week ban, but if they never stop spamming i should give the 1month ban, and if they didn't stop surely forever ban

Q: How can u prevent Hacking ? :
A: I will make ANTI-HACK patch so that everyone cant use hack or maybe weekly update to prevent hacking

Q : How can u prevent Glitching ? :
A : I'm always online so that i can manage what they're doing

Q : How about the Event ? What can u do ? :
A : In 1 day 3-5 Event's can do because players want's cool stuff's so lot of them wants event so they're always asking GM to do more event , and I want to Make new event ( i mean new event strategy ) .

Q : How can u help people/players? :
A : Some players doesn't know what they're doing , so i recommended to explain to them every single things they don't know so that they can understand what they're doing and share the acknowledge to other players

Q : How can u advertise people to play gunz? :
A : I'm a friendly person and i have a lot of friends so I'm sure they will try and will love to play .

Q : How can u prevent spy's / player's that's just join to Advertise they're games
A : They must be ban or maybe mute for about 1 week

Additional :
+ Every players must Respect everyone and especially the Gm's , Admins , Staff's ..
+ I want to make/add more Interface's/backgrounds,sounds,items so that player's will be more happy and have energy to spend they're time playing
+ Adding Server .

Somebody is spamming the channel room and you have warned him once already, what would you do?:
I'll give him/her another warning .. and if he/she doesent stop ( automatic banned )
" but i want to have unbanned request for players " - so that they can have 2nd chance to prove that they're not that kind of person ..

---> I just copied this from my LAST APPLICATION in other Servers

Thank you ! hope im accepted

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Application ~
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