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 Vote! Invite, and enjoy!

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Vote! Invite, and enjoy! Empty
PostSubject: Vote! Invite, and enjoy!   Vote! Invite, and enjoy! EmptyTue Jun 29, 2010 1:37 am

I'm aware that there aren't many people online at a time, but overall this private server is the best I've ever laid my mouse on xD.

But to make it better, you can vote. invite, and enjoy!

Voting - When you vote, you support Tax Gunz V.1 In many ways. It helps put the server in many heights, like at the top of the GunZ private server topsites and many more. To vote, it's quite simple. Go to the forum homepage and simply scroll down to "Links". There you will find the page, "Vote On Top200"
Simply click that, and proceed with the capatcha code. Press "Vote for TaxGunzZV1" and there you have it! Voting!

Inviting - When you invite, you also support TazGunz in many ways. First off, it brings more players which duplicates and duplicates. You can invite from ijji GunZ, or any other GUNZ private server you want to advertise. There is an advertising format in the "General Discussion" Thread. You can simply copy and paste it, and post it onto any forum you would like.

Enjoy - Ah last! Without your enjoyment, how can any private server even begin to run? With more enjoyment, comes more . Which equals to more members, voting, and much more. Mabye the GM's will put up more events. Not sure.

But here's my "Please do" list. I hope this helped in any way possible!
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Vote! Invite, and enjoy! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Vote! Invite, and enjoy!   Vote! Invite, and enjoy! EmptyTue Jun 29, 2010 11:54 pm

I never knew what Voting, And Inviting were. Thank You for Sharing. (Note: This sentence is sarcastic.)
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Vote! Invite, and enjoy!
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