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 VanessaMay's GM Application ;D

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VanessaMay's GM Application ;D Empty
PostSubject: VanessaMay's GM Application ;D   VanessaMay's GM Application ;D EmptyWed Oct 27, 2010 3:59 pm

Hi guys, Im veryyy new to the server but i thought i'd give it a try! ;D

Anyways, my name is vanessa, some people call me van, or vanessamay, but u can calll me watever (make it nice! Razz)

I would likee to apply for GM Smile

Name: Vanessa May

Age: 18


Ingame Name: KitKat (or as it used to be ^1Kit^6Kat)

About You: welllllll, I think im a pretty nice person and i like to help people out with problems, idk why, i just do Razz. I really like playing gunz and i would like to help out with the server Smile. i am 18 and i live in canada. i guss thats about it ;D

My Skills / Attributes: I have been playing gunz for about 6 years and i have been gm in about 5 different servers.

How active are you?: I just startted playing again about 3 months ago, but im on just about every day, despite weekends. about 4-6 hours a day and 5-6 days a week (im such a loner on week days XD, homeworks a bitch, i kinda ditch it for gunz tho :p)

How long have you join TaxGunZ?: I just actually joined Razz

How much experience do you have with being a Game Master? What other servers have you worked for?: I have worked for a bunch of different servers, but a while ago, i hoenstly forget the names XD.

What's so special about you? Why should you be accepted as a staff member?: Well, i think im a nice kind hearted person, and i think i can really help out with the server! ;D

Do you speak any Languages besides English?: no D; (i wanna learn latin Razz)

Previous Expiernxe : previous watawa?

Hope you like the application, thanks

VanessaMay's GM Application ;D VanessaMay
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VanessaMay's GM Application ;D
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